Comment 25 for bug 772986

The problem: bamf_factory has a list of local_views that holds a list of the current views in the launcher. When an application quits it gets to the bamf_factory::on_view_weak_unref to remove the view from local_views buuuut for some reason it doesn't get to that function sometimes so it doesn't remove it from the local_views. So a view exist in the list of local_views that isn't in the launcher.

So when you drag an application over it iterates through the local_views and it finds that view, but it doesn't exist in the launcher. So this means it doesn't create a new favorite which means it doesn't create in bamf_view the local_icon and local_name (since it thinks it already exists). So it gives a blank icon and no name.

Sooo Im trying to figure out what is causing it to not remove the view from the local_views right now....I have more time now to dig into this.