Comment 52 for bug 765819

Hadmut Danisch (hadmut) wrote :


You mean they've tried to force their users into unity before it was stable?

Actually I am already using Xubuntu (or to be more precise a regular ubuntu with post-installed xfce) on some of my computers, e.g. the one where I am writing this comment right now.

XFCE is currently better than Unity, but has some other shortcomings and is somewhat incomplete or unfinished.

Clearly what I want is: Gnome 2. I was happy with it, it did exactly what I wanted and needed.

Everything what oneiric has to offer, unity, gnome3, gnome shell, kde, xfce, lxde is worse than Gnome 2. The most important step to re-improve things would be to kick the guys at gnome who designed gnome3 out and restart a branch from gnome 2 .

Currently most desktop stuff is controlled by people who are unable to design a user interface properly, but want to bring in their style. That's why things are getting worse at the moment. Good bad example is Thunderbird. It's user interface was much better 3 years ago. Right now it is worse, bulky, does not make sense, some important things don't work anymore. And they are completely deaf against user complaints. Current development styles are horrible.