Comment 388 for bug 733349

Daniel Moore (danielmoore73) wrote :

I hate to be the one who argues, especially on such a professional forum over something that doesn't help the topic at hand. This feature was available in 12.04, either by users or by the Ubuntu team themselves, i'm not sure of which. What i do know is that this feature was a welcomed addition to the user experience. Also you think i'm not aware of this issue being opened for so long. Its because I have basically been waiting from the beginning for the Ubuntu team to fix this mistake.

Next time you get on to tell someone their wrong because you just want to sound smart, or whatever your problem is. Be it trolling or whatever, please refrain from posting anything that doesn't help this issue, this is a bug report and discussion about the topic of adding the minimize on launcher click feature to Ubuntu, so if your not gonna be of any help, then stay off the forum. :)

best regards