Comment 25 for bug 733349

I consider this issue to be the single biggest usability problem with Unity currently. I've followed the Ayatana discussion thread on this topic and I'm very disappointed.

1) I'm disappointed in the way that this bug/request was misconceived and misconstrued by the developers. Adding a right-click context menu option is every bit as distracting as the current behavior, and is useless to me. With that "solution", the user must divert his attention to find the menu item, and minimizing the focused app takes two mouse clicks in separate areas of the screen.

2) The requested behavior is universal to docks. Common examples where desired behavior can be found are: a linux distro with a dock (docky, awn, cairo, etc), Mac OSX dock, Windows 7 taskbar. I know Ubuntu wants to be different, but at the cost of usability, is it really worth it? I’m a Ubuntu user, but admit Win7 really nails it when it comes to dock functionality.

3) The requested behavior only adds, not changes, functionality. Currently, clicking on a launcher who's associated window has focus does… nothing.

4) The current behavior is wildly frustrating when you’d like to quickly check the status of a running application. Currently, you click the associated launcher to bring focus (this is good), but then need to hunt down the little minimize button for that window, which, if not maximized could be virtually anywhere. This is highly distracting to workflow.

5) Instead, clicking the launcher again to minimize the focused app, as requested originally in this bug report, is quick, easy, distraction-free fun. And, is the expected behavior from a dock/launcher.

6) Please?