Activity log for bug #721974

Date Who What changed Old value New value Message
2011-02-19 23:52:45 3Dman bug added bug
2011-02-20 00:09:04 3Dman description Unity Launcher and Panel should have fade-in or scroll animations at startup. Unity Launcher and Panel should have fade or slide animations at startup. It would be better if it's the same effect selected in ccsm for the launcher also the effect is used for the panel also at startup
2011-02-24 15:35:19 Alex Launi bug task added ayatana-design
2011-02-24 15:36:04 Alex Launi tags needs-design
2011-02-24 15:36:20 Alex Launi unity: status New Incomplete
2011-02-24 15:36:29 Alex Launi unity (Ubuntu): status New Incomplete
2015-09-23 07:44:36 Andrea Azzarone ayatana-design: status New Opinion
2015-09-23 07:44:39 Andrea Azzarone unity (Ubuntu): status Incomplete Opinion
2015-09-23 07:44:43 Andrea Azzarone unity: importance Undecided Wishlist
2015-09-23 07:44:44 Andrea Azzarone unity: status Incomplete Opinion
2015-09-23 07:44:47 Andrea Azzarone unity (Ubuntu): importance Undecided Wishlist