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2012-09-22 23:02:30 mikelococo bug added bug
2012-09-22 23:21:24 Launchpad Janitor unity-lens-shopping (Ubuntu): status New Confirmed
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2012-09-30 21:39:14 mikelococo summary Inadequate disclosure of data-sharing UI Doesn't Adequately inform about data-sharing
2012-09-30 21:42:26 mikelococo summary UI Doesn't Adequately inform about data-sharing Introduce World Lens vs Home Lens
2012-09-30 21:48:31 mikelococo description In it's current form (installed by default, enabled for home lens), the shopping lens doesn't adequately disclose that every search query of the home lens is sent to Amazon. Other comparable products do provide disclosures upon installation when operations that appear "local" result in data-disclosures to online services. Examples of this include VLC and Windows Media Player notices on installation regarding metadata download services. Shopping lens provides no such disclosure. Reasonable ways to resolve this issue, in my opinion, include: - Bug #1054776: Don't include results in the home lens. AND - Provide a prominent notice on first use of any lens that includes these results, with opt-out instructions. Previously the Home lens searched a "local" context on one's personal computer. The shopping lens, and other lenses leverage online searches to provide additional potentially relevant results, but in cases where they integrate with the home lens they violate the expectation of privacy established by the previous local search context. They also violate the expectation of privacy that one associated with a "home". This could be resolved by introducing the concept of a "world" lens in addition to a home lens, and a switch to select which is the default search performed in the Dash. The "world lens" would provide online results, whereas the home lens would always perform local searches. A UI mockup of this feature is provided in "How to Fix" > "Step 2" of
2012-10-02 17:38:46 papukaija affects unity-lens-shopping (Ubuntu) unity (Ubuntu)
2012-10-02 17:39:23 papukaija bug task added ayatana-design
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