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Yann (yann-jouitteau-gmail) wrote : Re: [Bug 565378] Re: awn switch desktop when the same application is on two different desktops

It does not seems to be related with the application, as it works with any
of them. I reproduce it with the terminal, with firefox, with gedit, and
with the calculator.
It think this may be more a configuration issue. I just reinstalled awn, and
still see the problem.
I tried launching awn into a terminal, and receive the two following error
messages :

(awn-applet:3372): Wnck-CRITICAL **: wnck_application_get_windows: assertion
`WNCK_IS_APPLICATION (app)' failed

** (awn-applet:3372): CRITICAL **:
desktop_agnostic_fdo_desktop_entry_glib_real_get_localestring: assertion
`locale != NULL' failed

I use the windows manager applet, in the task manager tab, only "group
common window" is checked.

The step to reproduce, for me, are quite straightforward :
- start the computer
- start an application (either throught the launchbar, or by gnome do)
- switch desktop and start the application again
- click on the application icon in awn, the desktop will switch back to the
first workspace
- clicking on the application icon bring me back and forth between the two

Is there any way I can get more debug infos from awn ?

2010/4/18 Michal Hruby <email address hidden>

> Unable to reproduce, works fine here with 0.4.0. Please try to provide
> more exact way to reproduce - which specific application exhibits this
> etc.
> ** Changed in: awn
> Status: New => Incomplete
> ** Changed in: awn
> Assignee: (unassigned) => moonbeam (rcryderman)
> ** Changed in: awn
> Milestone: None => 0.4.2
> --
> awn switch desktop when the same application is on two different desktops
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> of the bug.
> Status in Avant Window Navigator: Incomplete
> Bug description:
> On ubuntu, installed through repository. Using
>, updated daily. I use compiz.
> With "show all windows" unchecked, and "group common windows" checked.
> When two instances of the same application are opened on two different
> workspaces, clicking on the icon of this app in the awn toolbar switch
> workspace, and bring me to the other instance.
> For example, I open a terminal on workspace 1 and 2. On workspace 1, with
> the focus on another application, I click on the terminal icon in my
> toolbar. It restore the two windows on my two workspaces, switch workspace
> and give the focus to the terminal on workspace 2. If I go back to workspace
> 1, my terminal will be on the front.
> Once the two terminals are on the front of each workspace, clicking on the
> terminal icon will switch workspace, from one to the other.
> It does look like bug #503106, but it seems this bug has been fixed, and I
> still see the problem on my version.
> a --version gives me the following :
> Avant Window Navigator 0.4.0~rc2
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