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Yann (yann-jouitteau-gmail) wrote :

On ubuntu, installed through repository. Using, updated daily. I use compiz.
With "show all windows" unchecked, and "group common windows" checked.

When two instances of the same application are opened on two different workspaces, clicking on the icon of this app in the awn toolbar switch workspace, and bring me to the other instance.

For example, I open a terminal on workspace 1 and 2. On workspace 1, with the focus on another application, I click on the terminal icon in my toolbar. It restore the two windows on my two workspaces, switch workspace and give the focus to the terminal on workspace 2. If I go back to workspace 1, my terminal will be on the front.

Once the two terminals are on the front of each workspace, clicking on the terminal icon will switch workspace, from one to the other.