Comment 11 for bug 1077201

Robert Dyer (psybers) wrote :

"If I'm not mistaking, that would make Docky win again" Maybe. Maybe not. The point here is that they are both contending to set that geometry, so if Docky starts updating more frequently then you'll probably see much more non-deterministic behavior. They will fight even more!

"can anything be done to actually change the Desktop Environment, so that more than just one location on the screen can be the icon region for a window?" This is actually part of the WM standard, changing this is a lot more involved than you probably realize.

"why can't we simply have an option to have an animation's start/end point move to the cursor for minimizing/restoring, just like we have it for open/close?" You can, just ask Compiz for that feature. The animations are drawn by Compiz. However I make no promise that they would implement that. Personally, I think that is a bad solution and I wouldn't implement it.

There is one option you seem to be missing: stop using Unity. Switch over to something else, like XFCE.