ABCL fails test-encodings on Mac OSX

Bug #1307571 reported by Robert P. Goldman on 2014-04-14
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Another test fails with a bad place for a wild pathname.

Robert P. Goldman (rpgoldman) wrote :
Robert P. Goldman (rpgoldman) wrote :

This test (and test-utilities, see are suffering some kind of state bleed-over through make.

When I run

make test l=abcl

test-encodings and test-utilities both fail.

When I do

run-tests abcl test-encodings.script

or the same for test-utilities, both tests pass. This suggests to me some oddity in the makefile.

run-tests abcl

also passes all tests, which tends to support my conjecture that the problem is with the makefile.

Faré (fahree) wrote :

Oh, I see: there's bug in ABCL and some weird directory in your checkout.

49: (EXTENSIONS:PROBE-DIRECTORY #P"/Users/rpg/lisp/asdf/doc/ *Minibuf-1*")
50: (UIOP/FILESYSTEM:SUBDIRECTORIES #P"/Users/rpg/lisp/asdf/doc/")

You somehow saved an emacs buffer with * in its name, and that's confusing the hell out of ABCL.

Not an *asdf* bug.

Robert P. Goldman (rpgoldman) wrote :

OK, but why is it that ASDF's tests are vulnerable to oddities in the state of my working directories (as opposed to, e.g., only the state of the directories created by the test scripts?). And why is it that this manifests itself only when running inside make?

Robert P. Goldman (rpgoldman) wrote :

So this is partly a bug in ABCL: it misinterprets an asterisk in a real file name as wildcard. Is that right?

Faré (fahree) wrote :

I don't know why it happens only in one case and not the other. How do you invoke the test, when not by Make?

And yes, I believe that ABCL gets confused when a real file has a wildcard character — which is indeed forbidden by the CLHS, if unescaped. ABCL needs to somehow escape wildcard characters.

Robert P. Goldman (rpgoldman) wrote :

OK, I suspect that the reason that these were failing for me with make, and not with run-tests is that the working directory for run-tests is asdf/test/ -- not a super-directory of doc/ -- whereas for make the working directory is asdf/, which is a superdirectory of doc.

If that's the case, then this represents us simply stubbing our toes on an ABCL pathname-handling bug.

Clearing as invalid.

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