Server sorting should default to user count descending

Bug #840610 reported by Yann Kaiser on 2011-09-03
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Armagetron Advanced
Yann Kaiser

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Sorting by score doesn't seem to appeal anyone who knows they can change the sorting criteria with left/right arrows. Sorting by username would immediately show the user where the players are. Maybe have the default criteria remembered from last use or available for setting in autoexec.cfg.

This is a quick fix, but I want to know about opinions on this.

Yann Kaiser (epsy) on 2011-09-03
tags: added: default-settings
Manuel Moos (z-man) wrote :

Definitely, remembering the last sorting method is preferable. Or maybe have both, let the default option be that the search is remembered, but make it possible to have it start at a specific search.

(Personally, I use the current behavior and don't want to lose it. I have my sever at an insane score bias so it's always on top and if I need to admin another server in the same tournament, I just switch to name sorting and the other servers are all right there. If the sorting method is remembered, I'd have another keypress to do! Terrible!)

Not that it matters, but Is there really a significant demographic not knowing you can change the soring? It's explained in the same tooltip that tells you how to bookmark servers, and there never seemed to be a lack of really stupid people pouring into ladle final servers because they're full of people, and the score system doesn't like packed servers. Well, maybe they just scrolled down...

Yann Kaiser (epsy) wrote :

Today in #armagetron.pickup

21:54:37 <@\u03b5> you're going on another server now...
21:54:37 < dari_> where are we going
21:54:40 < dari_> serername?
21:54:44 <@\u03b5> sort by server name
21:54:48 < vov> +1
21:54:49 <@\u03b5> they're all at the same place
21:55:07 < dari_> ahh I didnt know you could sort by name
21:55:12 < AI-team> le lol
21:55:12 < vov> lol!
21:55:13 < dari_> that makes ladle WELL easy
21:55:14 <@\u03b5> left-right arrows
21:55:19 < subfocus> !who
21:55:20 < vov> o.o dari
21:55:23 < _75> you can sort by names?

dari_ and _75(a regular player in the channel and in tournaments) didn't know about it, and that's probably just the "tip of the iceberg". Maybe we could show a bigger hint at using arrow keys in the browser, like having arrows around the current sorting field alongside with the familiar V-shaped "sort by this, in descending order" icon.

About ladle servers, settings make this case as smooth as it could be, directing default chat to spectator chat, so that's really not an issue anymore.

Yann Kaiser (epsy) on 2011-10-07
Changed in armagetronad:
status: New → In Progress
Yann Kaiser (epsy) on 2011-10-07
Changed in armagetronad:
status: In Progress → Fix Committed
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