Comment 1 for bug 322066

Yann Kaiser (epsy) wrote :

Today on #arma.xclan:
(StickyNoob had that bug some times already)

[23:18] <+epsy>: StickyNoob, ping
[23:19] <StickyNoob>: yo
[23:19] <+epsy>:
[23:19] <@teabot>: Launchpad bug 322066 in armagetronad/0.2.8 "Cycles turning invulnerable" [High,Incomplete]
[23:19] <+epsy>: I remember having seen you doing such stuff, do you know about any details?
[23:20] <StickyNoob>: not really
[23:20] <StickyNoob>: just a lag issue really
[23:21] <+epsy>: anything particular (except the bug itself) happened at these moments?
[23:21] <StickyNoob>: its generaly after a massive lag spike
[23:21] <+epsy>: what do you see? do you see yourself getting stuck? can you turn?
[23:22] <StickyNoob>: yeah you have full control you just cant die
[23:22] <StickyNoob>: eventualy the server and client seem to sync up and no matter where you are you will die imediately
[23:22] <+epsy>: so you usually notice it then just choose to stick to a wall, to not become a cheat?
[23:24] <StickyNoob>: well as soon as it happens you only a short time until it will kill you
[23:24] <StickyNoob>: and the whole game is so laggy at that point you cant do much useful anyway
[23:24] <+epsy>: a short time?
[23:24] <StickyNoob>: almost anything you see is atleast 2 sec out of date
[23:25] <StickyNoob>: 10-20 sec, 30 maby
[23:25] <+epsy>: ah, right
[23:25] <+epsy>: do you remember in what matches it happened?
[23:26] <StickyNoob>: hmm
[23:26] <StickyNoob>: its happend in atleast one competition but i cant remember which
[23:26] <+epsy>: yeah, maybe you remember the opponent?
[23:26] <StickyNoob>: hmm no
[23:27] <StickyNoob>: thinking CT for some reason
[23:27] <+epsy>: I swear we had you having that against CT
[23:27] <StickyNoob>: im fairly sure it was a final
[23:27] <+epsy>: AFL perhaps?
[23:27] <StickyNoob>: maby
[23:27] <+epsy>: hopefully AFL should have client recordings
[23:28] <+epsy>: mind if I paste this to the bug?
[23:28] <StickyNoob>: could try injecting some artifical lag spikes
[23:28] <StickyNoob>: yeah fine