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I've tried to make a paradropped vehicle deploy into a building upon landing using DeploysInto=, DeployToFire=yes, AttackFriendlies=yes,CanPassiveAquire=yes with a weapon that has Range=255. The idea is upon landing, the unit will Deploy Into it's specified building using DeployToFire=yes, however it wont. It wont acquire any targets by itself using CanPassiveAquire=yes. Some how I believe DeployToFire= is preventing it from doing so. If I remove the DeployToFire= tag it will acquire a target. So was wondering if it's not to much of a pain in the arse if this can be fixed. Or possibly add a new
AutoDeploy= yes/no tag?

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cranium (cranium) wrote :

Sorry, dont know why I put in a product version. Guess I'm just used to it.

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Steel Mirage (steel-mirage) wrote :

I think this would make for some interesting tactical combinations. Support.

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WoRmINaToR (worminator) wrote :

Logic already exists for automatic undeploying of a unit, I'm sure some kind of auto-deploy function can be triggered for special-case units (the feature's use is specious at best for anything else, as automatically deploying like that kind of means you don't get to order the unit around) like the paradrop you mentioned.

Inclined in favor, this could be interesting to see someday but I'm not sure we need it right now.

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iamn00b (iamn00b) wrote :

auto-deploy is possible in some cases, but not in some cases. I think instead making new tag logic, better if make DeployToFire= tag dont prevent units to auto-acquire

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Chanterier (speederyr) wrote :

Idea for AutoDeploy is a good one IMO, because it could be used to replace starting MCV with starting ConYards, like in TW and RA3, not to mention plenty of workarounds this allows for the superweapons.

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iamn00b (iamn00b) wrote :

you can get AutoDeploy if DeployToFire= tag dont prevent units to auto-acquire. And there is a workaround to 'replace' starting MCV with starting CY

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Graion Dilach (graiondilach) wrote :

Have you tested this one? I doubt the possibility, especially since this whole request is based upon an experience of "no"...

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Starkku (starkku) wrote :

Just that iamn00b knows, DeployToFire= along with any sort of weapon or combination of other tags cannot be used to reliably create the function suggested in this issue. In other words, there definitely isn't any sure-fire way to make auto deploying work in a way that BOTH human and AI owned unit would instantly deploy when they get chance to do so under any and all conditions.

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iamn00b (iamn00b) wrote :

Like starkku said, except AI can AutoDeploy, since DeployToFire= tag is only block auto-acquire, but AI, when there is possible to attack, ORDER the unit to attack, resulting unit deploy to attack. i've test this one.

DeployToFire= prevent auto-acquire
AI can AutoDeploy
but, DeployToFire= not block unit to retaliate. this how kenosis auto-deploy logic work.

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