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Bug #896078 reported by cranium on 2011-02-05
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The AI seems to have trouble properly placing/using LaserFences. They only throw up one LaserFencePost and some how manage to get a LaserFence placed with only one post built. Also when this happens the laser fence section is invisible and undestroyable. If I destroy the whole AI base including the LaserFencePost the LaserFence section remains and cannot be killed resulting in a no win situation.
When I build the laser fences as human player they appear and function normally. When powers lost fence sections go away, if i destroy the post the fence section explodes with it. It's just the AI has the problem.

give the AI laser fences and you'll see what I mean.

cranium (cranium) wrote :
YR M0ddEr (yr-m0dder) wrote :

I dont know about this. Making AI use laser fence can be very hard.
Its not like walls, were the AI build walls around a building with ProtectWithWall=yes. Laserfence is more placed like this:
Making AI build some style like this could be very hard to make, exemple if its slopes, how will it work then? etc.

cranium (cranium) wrote :

So TiberianSun AI never used LaserFences either? "I dont have it installed at the momnet so I cant check."

[edit] Nope, looks like TS ai didnt use them. I just dont understand why this would be so hard for the ai to produce though. I mean you place two laser fence posts and you get a laser fence. Damn dumb founded AI. lol

Rogan (pdrogan) wrote :

Try adding only the laser fence post into the concrete walls tag in the AI section of the rules.

As for the no win situation, did you add Insignificant=yes to both the laser fence and it's post?

cranium (cranium) wrote :

I dont want them to be Insignificant. And that still dosent explain how they even get to place a Fence section "which when placed becomes invisible and undestroyable" with only one post up. They work fine with Human player. I'm thinking the game just dosent supply any code for the AI to understand what these are or how to use them. Which is why TS AI most likely didnt use them either. It's alright though, my AI just arent getting LaserFences. Prolem Solved.;)

WoRmINaToR (worminator) wrote :

Why would you want laser fences to keep a player alive (Insignificant=yes)? These are basically glorified walls, and they don't keep players alive...

Anyhow you are right that TS AI don't use walls and there is a good reason for that... just like there is a good reason AI use of regular walls is extremely limited.

Rogan (pdrogan) wrote :

Hmmm, When I added Laser Fences to the game, it seems that only brutal AIs get to use it...

Comparing to the other walls, I think it's because the tech level of the fence is much higher than the walls; but I'm only guessing.

WoRmINaToR (worminator) wrote :

No, It's because the AI is not designed in any way to make use of laser walls aside from the AI regarding the laser fence post as just another AIBuildThis=yes building.

cranium (cranium) wrote :

My last attempt to get the AI to use LaserFences correctly finally worked. I added them to the front of the list and wouldnt ya know it. They finally used them correctly. Pic posted up top.

Rogan (pdrogan) wrote :

It's slightly related, but when I made the AI use the laser fences, it builds the post everywhere after building it around the conyard. How can I prevent that?

cranium (cranium) wrote :

um, i dont know if they can be controlled. Maybe AIBuildsWalls=no NodAIBuildsWalls=no, and then just use ProtectWithWalls=yes on the structures you want walled?

Rogan (pdrogan) wrote :

Nope, that didn't fix it...

cranium (cranium) wrote :

like i said, I dont think it can be controlled. I believe what ever is listed in the ConcreteWalls= is what they'll build reguardless of other tags. Thats just the AI, they really dont know how to handle walls and laser fences.

DCoder DCoder (dcoder1337) wrote :

That's correct, the AI base planning logic was not designed to handle laser fences. At a glance, changing that is not a trivial thing.

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