Firestorm can kill Iron Curtained units

Bug #896060 reported by secondwtq on 2011-01-29
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Bug Description

I think it is illogical, and Ares may can add a tag to set it.

DCoder DCoder (dcoder1337) wrote :

So that is what happens when an unstoppable force meets an unmovable object? I really don't know which should win in this scenario.

YR M0ddEr (yr-m0dder) wrote :

I think the unit in ic protection should not die and should be able to pass thru a active firestorm wall.

KillIC=yes/no maybe?

RandomNutjob (randomnutjob) wrote :

I think IC should overrule otherwise make Firestorm too strong and/or make IC useless in that situation

Krozalid (krozalid) wrote :

I'm gonna go with YR Modders' suggestion.

cranium (cranium) wrote :

I dont know, I have a different perspective on this. I used to hate not being able to defend against IC units, so I say leave it as is.

Krozalid (krozalid) wrote :

You are kinda right. I hate that too. Maybe toogle between those two or some other suggestions?

RandomNutjob (randomnutjob) wrote :

My issue with leaving it as is is that you could use Wall as "wall" and thus make IC useless
While I agree defending against IC is tricky sometimes [depends on what used on tbh] I feel it'd make the wall too strong - unless you cannot do what could in TS and turn wall on-off repeatedly so could use almost non-stop
If that ability isn't possible then perhaps the original behaviour would be ok

g.a (g.a) wrote :

@RandomNutjob Remember, ares is not a mod, balance is always the modders choice. The best way to go is to add a new tag, if that isn't possible, work should not be wasted for a matter of opinion.

RandomNutjob (randomnutjob) wrote :

I understand Ares isn't a mod and is down to modder what use and how - just on an idea purpose I feel the wall would be too strong, unless the whole on-off thing doesn't work anymore

You do realise that's a tag that can be set on any superweapon, even now right?

I still vote for toggle/no pass.

RandomNutjob (randomnutjob) wrote :

I say let the IC unit/s through

Renegade (renegade) wrote :

The only logical solution to this issue is making the Curtain'd unit be stuck inside the Firestorm.

While the Iron Curtain makes a unit invulnerable, it doesn't magically let it pass through walls, no matter their material.
And while the Firestorm Wall does kill everything that's on it on activation, it shouldn't magically be able to overrule invulnerability.

Thus, the reasonably solution is to just make the two end up in a stalemate: The Firestorm Wall doesn't kill the object, but it doesn't let it pass, either. The Iron Curtain'd unit isn't killed, but it doesn't magically transcend walls, either.

And as you may have guessed, that's a whole lot of special case coding of low priority that's not gonna be done for 0.2.

RandomNutjob (randomnutjob) wrote :

Hmmm that makes sense I guess and kinda answers that question, what happens? It's a tie
I know being that is low on list that probably not do anything/much with it but regarding stalemate would the unit/s stop by the wall [imagine would] or on it?

pca55 (dfrusdn) wrote :

What happens if you send an iron curtain unit into the laser fence and turn it on does it get destroyed too?

mevitar (mevitar) wrote :

Since Iron Curtain wasn't made to protect against Firestorm logic, i'd say the same case was for Laser Fence logic.

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