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Bug #896003 reported by cranium on 2011-01-04
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Bug Description

Using a DirectRocker=yes warhead in conjunction with Pushy=yes added to unit firing weapon dosent solve the freeze fire.

 Select a unit with Pushy=yes and a weapon that uses a WH with DirectRocker=yes, Fire the weapon at a jumpjet vehicle and the two units freeze.

cranium (cranium) wrote :

I stumbled onto a bug while trying to test this with other rev's and I'm not sure if it's related to this problem or not., but when trying to destroy a JumpJet unit that is force firing into the ground with a vehicle using an AA weapon, the two units freeze up after first wave of projectiles hits the JumpJet unit. It wont allow me to unselect the aa unit. Only way to stop this was to build another vehicle "that wasnt already existing on the map" and use it to destroy the aa unit.
To reproduce this, use ares 0.1-P1 make a JumpJet unit "I used the shad" make it force fire to ground, then make an aa unit, "I used IFV" have it force fire on the shad, the two units then freeze up and cant unselect the units.:/

cranium (cranium) wrote :

This seems to be a bug in the game and not Ares. After scrambling thru my weapon codes, I noticed I added DirectRocker=yes to the [HE] warhead. Comes standard with Rocker=no, but I switched it to Rocker=yes and added DirectRocker=yes which seems to be the culprit here. I commented out DirectRocker=yes and the bug disappeared. So it seems using a weapon with a warhead that has DirectRocker=yes against JumpJet units makes the two units freeze.

And I apologize for it now being totally off topic to the thread at hand.

Graion Dilach (graiondilach) wrote :

Never mind.

IIRC, to fix DirectRocker, you have to put Pushy=yes to the unit which fires it, this time to the IFV.

DCoder DCoder (dcoder1337) wrote :

Tangent: is there any benefit to Pushy=no? Meaning, can we maybe set Pushy to yes by default?

cranium (cranium) wrote :

Pushy= ?, Is this an Ares tag? I've never heard of it and dont seem to be in the .exe or the Ares Manual. Just curious.

[Edit] Adding Pushy=yes to the IFV didnt solve the freeze bug.

DCoder DCoder (dcoder1337) wrote :

More tangent...
Pushy= is a flag from the original game... without it, the guy firing DirectRocker= gets stuck repeatedly firing at its target until it flips over. WW probably added it to de-retardize the Brute.

Now seriously, enough tangents. Open a new issue for Pushy=nanigans and we'll move the comments over there.

Edit: comments now moved.

Graion Dilach (graiondilach) wrote :

OK, Pushy.

The reason IFV and SCHP froze is because IFV hasn't got enough power to flip the chopper over. Set HoverMissile damage to 125 and neither will freeze.

If a unit fires it's weapon with DirectRocker=yes, the warhead will try to flip over the tank. If it fails then both the attacker and the victim won't fire more. They can be selected and be moved, nothing more.

DirectRocker=yes weapons can flip over Jumpjet, however, it can't be seen. The Jumpjet just stand there (the time it should be flipped) then crash.

If a unit fires a DirectRocker=yes weapon without Pushy=yes, it cannot attack more.

cranium (cranium) wrote :

Awsome, setting the Damage=125 did allow it to attack properly. Thanks a bunch Graion.

So I guess this issue can be closed unless DCoder plans to redo Pushy, to make it default to =yes.

Graion Dilach (graiondilach) wrote :

Well, I'd like to see this logic fixed... so if the DirectRocker=yes unit couldn't flip the unit over, neither unit broke down.

Of course, that can be delayed.

Graion Dilach (graiondilach) wrote :

Regarding this issue:

I've rewritten ModEnc's DirectRocker article (it was a DeeZire one), so it's now searchable and it's more exact to prevent not knowing the side effects of DirectRocker anymore.

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