Give the warhead a tag to let the game decide whether to consider air units in the spread

Bug #895794 reported by LH_Mouse on 2010-08-10
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The original game use altitude intercept between the explosion center and its projective point on the ground, which leads to some problems. For example, a Demo Truck won't damage any air units if it blows up on the ground(altitude intercept is 0), but will kill Rockteers if it blows up on the bridge(altitude intercept seems to be 384px). A Nuclear Missile launched onto a bridge would destroy most aircraft flied by. The Demo-Truck-on-Bridges bug needs to be fixed, also I want nukes to be effective weapons to air units.

Renegade (renegade) wrote :

Explosions aren't flat. This is correct behavior.

LH_Mouse (lh-mouse) wrote :

I mean, I want Nukes to be able to kill aircrafts.

In original game it only affects objects that's

Renegade (renegade) wrote :

Look, I have no idea what you want - so far, you have said that both the Demo Truck as well as the nuke damage air units if they detonate on a bridge, which suggests everything is working fine.

What exactly do you claim is not working as it should?

And make sure you read and understood the link DCoder gave before replying.

LH_Mouse (lh-mouse) wrote :

Demo Truck should NEVER damage air units, no matter where it detonates.
Nuke should ALWAYS damage air units(I want to realize this), no matter where it detonates.

EVA-251 (eva-251) wrote :

I did some brief testing of this on a sandbox map, and observed that nukes DO NOT harm air units, nor do any explosions that occur on the ground. I tested this with low flying helicopter types and medium-flying fighters (both of which exceed the 208 leptons above the ground condition)

My own experiences indicate the only time a splash damage warhead can cause harm to air units is when it's detonated in the air- for example, something like a nuclear V3 getting shot down in transit.

Renegade (renegade) wrote :

LH_Mouse, on what grounds do you consider that the correct behavior?

LH_Mouse (lh-mouse) wrote :

I've suggest a tag(e.g. AffectsArea.Value=) to override the game's judgement on whether to consider air units in the spread or not.

The tag AffectsArea.Value behaves like this(a little like NavalTargeting):
0 = (default)decide automatically
    (using altitude intercept above ground as it is in the original game)
1 = damage both ground and air units despite the altitude intercept
2 = only damage ground units

In [NUKE], simply set AffectsArea.value=1 so nukes are able to kill aircrafts ALWAYS;
In [DemobombWH] set AffectsArea.value=0 so a demo truck won't harm Rocketeers even detonates on a bridge. (Then a demo truck raised by a Magnetron won't damage air units if blows up either.)

DCoder DCoder (dcoder1337) wrote :

@EVA: Thanks! I doublechecked Westwood's code and found the problem in my current write-up of how it works. We'll fix it asap.

Renegade (renegade) wrote :

LH_Mouse, you have yet to explain why we should subscribe to your reality.

Personally, I'd consider explosions not damaging aircraft despite them being in range a bug, and I most certainly wouldn't introduce a superfluous flag to push the game into a bugged state.

So, once again: On what grounds do you insist that the lack of damage is the correct behavior?

DCoder DCoder (dcoder1337) wrote :

I definitely concur with Renegade, the air units not getting damaged is a bug, and I don't see any use case for actually triggering it intentionally.

EVA-251 (eva-251) wrote :

Nukes would be the best -- and one of the only usage cases.

LH_Mouse (lh-mouse) wrote :

So air units always get damage from explosions on the ground, is that ok?

Even so it would be much better than before. Thanks for your understanding!

Renegade (renegade) wrote :

Given that D agrees, I am rejecting this request for now.

Whether or not we will fix potentially existing aircraft-related glitches will be decided at a more fitting point in time, and would be an independent bug fix process anyway, not this particular feature request.

mevitar (mevitar) wrote :

I think this request should have its milestone set to 0.b, because DamageAirThreshold= and DamageAirConsiderBridges= were added.

AlexB (alexander-b) on 2016-03-16
Changed in ares:
assignee: nobody → AlexB (alexander-b)
milestone: none → 0.b
status: Won't Fix → Fix Released
Chanterier (speederyr) wrote :

DamageAirThreshold=-1 works, for example a Nuke can now damage and destroy aircraft.
DamageAirThreshold=9999 was tested by firing a nuke on a bridge next to which there were some flying units. With 9999 they were not damaged, with default value (0) they were.

AlexB (alexander-b) wrote :


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