some minor problem with shp 1p1 and suggestion

Bug #895697 reported by Holy_Master on 2010-07-13
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i just port my mod from Npatch to Ares 0.1p1 one feature that make me consider to move my mod to Ares is Jumpjet shadow fix an i have try this already it working verywell but i found some thing strange in this change,
it may not serious problem but i just want to tell you what i found.

1. if i not mistake seem like shadow from non-turret vehicle darker vehicle that have turret i have no idea why this happen but i capture some picture for you.

2. because you use shadows base from unit shadow it will curse something like this when you use megnetron weapon on ground unit that is shp.
*my idea to solve this problem easiest [atleast i think - -" ] , you should add some tag like "DisableShadowOnAir=yes" that allow modder disable the shadow if they dont wan't it to draw on ground when they unit get effect by weapon like this [or flying with another reason].
or the better way but harder , make the unit auto generate shadow base from unit graphic like Jumpjet infantry do in Tiberian Sun when he flying for example.

3. and this it's not problem but i don't know you intend modder to do like this to creation jumpjet vehicle shp?
follow the picture both picture is the shp that i convert to be png with "combine shadow" option
number 1 is he old shp style without Ares [size W95 H260] t to make jumpjet vehicle that draw shadow on ground with (turret=yes) ; chassis witll be place on the center of picture but shadow will be lowver near bottom.
number 2 is jumpjet vehicle Shp in Ares style [sizeW95 H95] both chassis and shadow will place on the center of picture.

4.and finally problem about attack facing on non-turret jumpjet unit. i think you know this problem already because i ever saw topic like this before but it close before i can comment anything, on the old topic seem like you don't fix this because it may curse problem to unit like Kirov and another original unit but how about if you add some tag like [ HoverRangeWeapon=yes] to allow non-turret jumpjet unit can fire range weapon and face to their target correctly? IMO non-turret jumpjet shp shadow fix will not useful as it should be if you don't do something with this because people still need Omnifire to make unit fire weapon. - -" ]

DCoder DCoder (dcoder1337) wrote :

1. Which unit in your screenshot has the turret?

2. Weird, I'll look at that sometime.

3. I'm not sure what you're asking here, sorry.

4. When you put it that way, it sounds simple to do... but it's quite complicated.

It would help if we could test with the exact ini/shp you're using.

Holy_Master (holy-master) wrote :

1. sorry i forgot to tell you the small mech in left that is non turret vehicle.

3. i think because this shadow system in ares that make the problem in number 2 happen. now i still think about logic to solve this neither.

4. i'm glade to help ares team about shp for testing or provide graphic and spare my mod for your testing. since 90% of unit in my mod using shp i think it could be useful to show how possible shp can work.

and thank you for your takecare

DCoder DCoder (dcoder1337) wrote :

Can you send me the ini/shp you're using here? PM at the forums will work.

Bug Importer (bug-importer) wrote :

Code related to this issue has just been checked in!
Author: DCoder
Location: trunk, r729
Revision comment:
Related to issue #1085 - SHP unit shadows should be drawn more sanely (untested).

Holy_Master (holy-master) wrote :

I send PM to you already.

DCoder DCoder (dcoder1337) wrote :

1. To me it looks like , I think r729 fixed this. By all means please report if some shadows broke elsewhere.

2. I caught these and that don't highlight the shadow problem you mentioned, but show a different issue that while magnetron'd it seems to draw a different frame than when it's standing still. That is something I will have to look at separately. As for your problem, I am afraid I don't see any simple solution other than you filling in the missing pixels in your shadow frames manually somehow. Sorry.

3. looks quite okay to me. I am not sure I understand what you want us to do here because all seems to be correct.

4. This won't get fixed anytime soon, there's really a lot of stuff involved that I can't fix by flicking my fingers. If there's no issue for this, feel free to open a new one for it, but as I said, no promises about quick fixes.

By the way, that's awesome SHP quality ;)

Holy_Master (holy-master) wrote :

thank you for test

but have you ever try to code my orca working as land unit?
seem like the engine draw shadow overlay on unit. that's the reason that make me can't fill shadow under my shp in number 2. but it's ok i don't have idea about method to solve this problem neither.

4. it's ok thank you for tank care this i still hope this will get fix in one day because it's the most important problem for my project [since i can't use normal air craft logic anything about balloon hover is useful] not only it make me annoy but it limit my design idea.

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