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Bug #895659 reported by LH_Mouse on 2010-07-06
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Bug Description

1. Player used to recieve an alternative voice when ordering a unit to attack with his secondary weapon which no longer works as soon as the unit gains elite. (FIXED)
2. You don't get kills when using the Psychic Dominator to kill buildings.
3. If you use Boris' Flare to lock an empty UC Building and then garrison it, the laser will keep shooting until the MIGs destroy your own buiding.
4. Psychic Sensors are unable to detect submarines in YR but they were in RA2.
5. In original YR 1.001, vessels repairing in naval yards are immune to any external damage until the naval yard is destroyed. (FIXED)
6. Desolators are able to attack units that are immune to radiations without making any damage(unlike that Yuri Clones are).
7. Helicopters(Jumpjet but not BalloonHover vehicles) don't make any damage if they crash into something.
8. Helicopters landing on the ground won't sink if chronoed onto water. (FIXED)
9. Helicopters raised by magnetrons will make MoveSound during moving and CrashSound/Voice when they were dropped down.
10.A soldier in radiation killed by a warhead with InfDeath=1 or 2 will be 'killed' twice(first by the weapon and then by the radiation).
11.Service depots used to be able to repair fighters. (Select the fighter, press Alt and then click your service depot, then it will land into the depot and be repaired.)

Blade (nadia-xy) wrote :

These are all seperate issues and should have their own bug report filed, also several are already issues in the bug tracker.

Bug Importer (bug-importer) wrote :

"Desolators are able to attack units that are immune to radiations without making any damage"
This is how immunities work. Ares' new armor features already allow you to "fix" this and/or make use of it so this should definitely not be changed.

LH_Mouse (lh-mouse) wrote :

I've been collecting bugs since five years ago. Then I put them together and found out those that can't be fixed by simply changing ini codes and posted them here. That's all.

DCoder DCoder (dcoder1337) wrote :

We appreciate your report, but it would be nice if you could organize it like all the other issues, that is, one problem per issue, and check if certain issues have already been filed.

LH_Mouse (lh-mouse) wrote :

Thank you for your understanding!

AlexB (alexander-b) wrote :

Items 2 and 8 have already been fixed in the super weapons branch. PsyDom kills will no longer be awarded to the player owning a simultaneously launched Lighning Storm. (Again, chapeau, Westood!). Helicopers will sink if chronoshifted into water.

Bug Importer (bug-importer) wrote :

Code related to this issue has just been checked in!
Author: AlexB
Location: trunk, r1034
Commit contains DLL: Yes
Revision comment:
Fixed issue #368: Hijackers are reimbursed if a unit is scrapped in a Grinder. Untested.
Related to issue #1048 SelectFiringVoice will fall back to non-elite voices if there are no elite voices defined.
Fixed issue #1477: WaterImage as VehicleType documented.
Fixed issue #1501: AlternateTheaterArt indentation corrected.
SVN: http://svn.renegadeprojects.com/Ares/1034

Bug Importer (bug-importer) wrote :

Code related to this issue has just been checked in!
Author: AlexB
Location: trunk, r1061
Commit contains DLL: Yes
Revision comment:
Related to issue #1048: Rules' VoiceIFVRepair is only used for vehicles with the ID FV.
Fixed issue #1553: Old permanent mind control animation is removed.

Updated file version copyright year.
SVN: http://svn.renegadeprojects.com/Ares/1061

Graion Dilach (graiondilach) wrote :

Wrong way. If you really want to check, check Gunner.

AlexB (alexander-b) wrote :

Actually, it's mimicking the original game now. You can always use [TechnoType].VoiceIFVRepair to set it yourself, but if I'd check for Gunner here, it would not be easily possible to deactivate this feature for IFV clones.

Graion Dilach (graiondilach) wrote :

Oh, now I see. I skipped that this only applies to the General's one. Sorry.

10 is affecting me. Terrorists have radiation and dies two times causes Death Weapon explodes two times.

Edited to note fixed ones.

description: updated
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