Hardcoded maxium range for automatically overpower Tesla coils

Bug #895459 reported by FS-21 on 2010-04-19
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Bug Description

Weapon range to "auto-overpower" the Tesla Coil is harcoded by aprox. one cell of distance from the tesla coil (independently of what is specified in the weapon). If you increases the range of the weapon it will work with the new range only if you manually attack your tesla coil.

For example: Change the secondary weapon range of the tesla trooper from "Range=1.83" to "Range=10.83"


If the tesla trooper in in less of 10.83 cells of distance it can't start automatically the overpower unless is in aprox. 1 cell of distance (it looks a hardcoded range).
If you force fire against the Tesla coil it uses the "Range=10.83" (the defined range by the modder).

If they are always overpowering the Tesla coils isn't a problem because unless you force fire the attack against the tesla coil your units will stop overpowering Tesla coils and start attack the enemy in-range of their main weapons.

To be more clear I uploaded and example with tesla tanks overpower weapons with range "14.83". Only 1 tank that is very close to the tesla coild will start overpower it.

Added from bugnote:3413: One note about the screenshot, It makes no sense the last line of the manual attack (text of the left part)... I made a copy/paste of the text of the right part sorry :P

FS-21 (jagarni1983) wrote :
FS-21 (jagarni1983) wrote :

I forgot to indicate that I'm using the revision 448.

One note about the screenshot, It makes no sense the last line of the manual attack (text of the left part)... I made a copy/paste of the text of the right part sorry :P

Abother mistake I made in the bug report:
The title is: "Hardcoded minium range for automatically overpower Tesla coils"
but I'm talking about the maxium range, not the minium range.

WoRmINaToR (worminator) wrote :

perhaps try putting AssaultBolt as their primary weapon? I know it's not an ideal soltuion but humor me and see if this bug still occurs with the weapon in Primary slot. I think I remember me somehow getting assaultbolts to auto attack OPable coils before, I just have no idea how I did it.

FS-21 (jagarni1983) wrote :

Humor you? :-/

Tested what WoRmINaToR said (changing weapon order) and not works.

Bug Importer (bug-importer) wrote :

humph. I'll run a few of my own tests and look into this issue. This probably isn't fixable (by a mod I mean) and my results (which were, admittedly, erratic and weird when I tested) were probably caused by something else.

Bug Importer (bug-importer) wrote :

Oh and sorry for doublepost, but "Humor me" is an English idiom meaning something along the lines of: "Do it, even if you don't know why or I don't tell you why."

In this context it means more like "Just try it and see if it works."

BTW, both of these posts are from WoRmINaToR... I just forgot to log on cuz this is a different computer...

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