Allow units to turn into other units upon promotion.

Bug #894859 reported by pd on 2007-10-21
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Bug Description

VeteranClass=(unit / infantry / aircraft type)
on a unit, infantry or aircraft type will make the respective unit turn into this unit when it gets veteran.
The veterancy of the "new" unit will be reset.

An InfantryType can only turn into an InfantryType and so on.

The same logic works for
EliteClass=(unit / infantry / aircraft type)

DCoder DCoder (dcoder1337) wrote :

Reassigning since not fixed.

Firefly (firefly) wrote :

GI promoting -> Seal?

Pokemon Mod! Support

I support this. This would allow a much greater range of awarded veteran abilities.

OB (rbo818) wrote :

ooohh this could be fun... Supporting.

YR M0ddEr (yr-m0dder) wrote :

These tags described by pd only allow a unit to upgrade into another unit two times.
IMO there should be no limit(like NP)

OB (rbo818) wrote :

That could be worked around if the veterancy level didn't carry over (GI becomes elite, turns into green SEAL)
This would make sense if your going from cannon fodder to high end units. IMO, this is most likely to be used just at elite anyway, so why bother keeping the veterancy?

And for those more knowledgable than myself, how would a VeteranClass behave if you get the unit as Veteran straight from the factory? Just turn over instantly as soon as its built, or would it even change?

MT1337 (mt1337) wrote :

Bah, you two, read the request description.

Request: The veterancy of the "new" unit will be reset.

This means there IS NO FORCED LIMIT, YR Modder and 818.
As for the feature itself, sounds like a nice idea.

Firefly (firefly) wrote :

think of the following:
putting a spy into enemy-barracks allows you to build veteran infantry.
the requested feature allows the modder to define the SEAL as GIs veteran class
now you build a GI

what comes out from the factory now?
a veteran GI or a seal?

This request should have a child concerning veterancy from factory

Rogan (pdrogan) wrote :

Personally, transforming units into another unit upon Elite status only would be much better since there would be no problems
with units being built with veteran status after infiltrating a factory, and sometimes for balancing purposes.

It'd be good to allow a slight random edge by having multiple units listable with a % chance of 100/number of listed units

For Example, if a GI had GGI,GGI,GGI and GHOST listed, there'd be a 75% chance of turning into a Guardian GI and a 25% chance of turning into a Seal.

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