Comment 7 for bug 103306

I'll just add some info from my later filed duplicate Bug 123047-- this was filed for Gutsy, so it has some new information that didn't apply to Feisty (when this bug was filed), and also has higher priority since Compiz is now on by default.

"--fitt's law broken with compiz fusion, 1 pixel border at edge of entire screen, except the very corners:
 -can't select bottom of window list by throwing mouse
 -can't select scroll bar at the very right or left of the screen
 -can't select menu bar "applications" "places" or "system" by throwing
 mouse to the top of the screeen

 -only the UL, UR, BL, and BR corner areas still abide by fitt's law."

Bou at Ubuntuforums also created a graphic that shows the problem with Compiz in gutsy. (green=responseive, red=non-responsive)