Comment 64 for bug 103306

positivek (anonyhole) wrote :

I notice that at the top of the screen, maximized windows (their title bar) gets a single-left-click when I press click left, middle, right, or double-click. When you use the mouse scroll wheel in the same place, something like bug 277195 shows up. These are evidence for this bug existing in Ubuntu 9.04.

Reproduce these with the following variations of steps:

Scenario #1:
1. Make sure that no Gnome panel is on top (mine's on the left).
2. Maximize a "target window".
3. Bring a smaller window to front with focus, in front of the target window.
4. Put mouse at top pixel row of screen over a center portion of target window's title bar.
5. Try each of the following: Right-click; Middle-click; Double-click; Scroll up; Scroll Down.

Actual Result:
A6. With clicks, the target window is brought to front with focus as if it were left-clicked no matter what click or double click you did in step 5.
A7. With mouse scrolling in step 5, the desktop workspace gets switched (see bug 277195).

Expected Result:
E6. Window Menu should pop up for right-click; Window sent to back with middle; Window unmaximized with double.
E7. With srolling, nothing should happen. (Assuming title bar doesn't have anything mapped to scroll wheel events.)

Scenario #2:
Now repeat the above situation, replacing Step 2 with the following:
<Step 1 as above>
2a) Make sure Target window is unmaximized.
2b) Move target window to the top of the screen so it won't go any higher. Gnome (?) or Compiz (?) prevents the title bar from leaving the top of the screen. OK.
2c) Verify target window position by seeing the mouse cursor change to a resize arrow when at the top pixel row over the target window's title bar.
<Steps 3-5 as above>

Actual Result:
A6a: It works as expected, see E6 and E7 above.

Hope this helps.