Comment 11 for bug 655831

niknah (hankin0) wrote :

ubuntu 10.10, apt-xapian-index 0.39ubuntu1

This happened to me this morning.
i5 CPU, 4gig ram. But my computer was under heavy load already.

Completely froze for a few minutes, hard disk light on constantly.
It's probably allocating too much memory somewhere cause "top" says I've used 1.3gig of swap when it finished. Usually, I have zero swap usage and 1gig of free ram. This thing could do with a ulimit somewhere.

Unfortunately I couldn't duplicate it by running with the -f option, it's maybe a random thing. It usually eats up 300meg of virtual, 156meg of resident ram, probably not a good thing for <=512meg computers. If you have a small/slow computer remove this one and maybe mlocate too, another indexer that runs overnight.

Note: This program is runned twice from cron.weekly/apt-xapian-index & cron.daily/apt. And it doesn't seem to complain when I run it twice at the same time. (but that wasn't my problem cause the weekly cron wasn't running today)