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Bug #1908417: apparmor: checkpoint_restore capability missing with 5.10 Undecided New 21 weeks

From: Andrea Righi
Link: apparmor-add-checkpoint-restore-capability.debdiff


Bug #1844780: apparmor_secid_to_secctx doesn't allocate memory for secctx on nullptr Undecided New 84 weeks

From: John Johansen
Link: disco.patch

Disco version of the patch

Bug #1713089: compiler deprecation warnings with g++ 7 Undecided New 194 weeks

From: Seth Arnold
Link: remove_dynamic_exception_specifications.patch

compile-tested only patch to remvoe dynamic exception specifications

Bug #1580689: ptrace test fails to build on ARM, struct pt_regs undefined Undecided New 261 weeks
Bug #1485850: sshd profile missing some permissions (patch) Undecided New 300 weeks

From: raf
Link: apparmor-profiles-usr.sbin.sshd.diff

Patch to add the missing permissions for sshd

Bug #1331856: apparmor-utils don't work when defining a variable on <tunables/home.d> Medium Fix Committed 341 weeks

From: Walter Mundt
Link: python-utils-var-append-in-include-support.patch

Proposed fix (may impact performance)

Bug #1383858: expr-simplify optimization slows click/snap policy compilation Medium Triaged 341 weeks

From: Jamie Strandboge
Link: apparmor_2.8.96~2652-0ubuntu5.3.debdiff


Bug #1385947: specifying -O to parser causes the parser to not consider cache files Medium Confirmed 342 weeks

From: John Johansen
Link: foo.diff


Bug #1312527: AppArmor v3α6 triggers a kernel bug on CONFIG_PREEMPT=y High Confirmed 368 weeks

From: David F.
Link: patch


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