Comment 12 for bug 1668892

On 03/15/2017 01:26 PM, Christian Boltz wrote:
> I'd argue that requiring /bin/bash shouldn't be a real problem, but I'm
> aware that you try to use /bin/sh whenever possible.

It shouldn't but I don't feel comfortable switching between the two
shells when this is supposed to be a minimal change.

> Completely different question: does this bug only affect Ubuntu, or is a
> similar fix needed in rc.apparmor.functions? (__apparmor_restart() has
> code to unload unknown profiles)

Upstream is affected. The only patches that I've attached so far are for
the upstream project.

The Ubuntu/Debian-specific init code is also affected and I'm working on
patches for that now.

Can you tell me if openSUSE is affected by this bug? A quick test is to do

$ echo "profile test {}" | sudo apparmor_parser -qr
$ sudo grep "test (enforce)" /sys/kernel/security/apparmor/profiles
test (enforce)
$ # do whateveris required to restart the apparmor init script/upstart
$ # job/systemd unit that your distro uses
$ sudo grep "test (enforce)" /sys/kernel/security/apparmor/profiles
test (enforce)

If the test profile is still loaded, you're not affected. If it was
unloaded, you're affected.