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Yes, however there are still issues to be worked out. I will not release any
implementation that isn't 100% workable, and missing out on drag and drop
support is not something I am willing to do; the correct solution for
AllTray is one that works for everyone in all cases. If there is a way to
be 100% sure that events, dnd, etc. are not lost, I am all for it.

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On Dec 5, 2009 5:41 PM, "Szunti" <email address hidden> wrote:

Have you read this:

Close button support in AllTray trunk
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Status in AllTray: Confirmed

Bug description:
Intercepting close-button does not work in trunk; this needs to be fixed.
 However, the available options to fix this are unclear, and I'm not sure
how to proceed. Being that this bug blocks the 0.7.4dev release, I don't
know if that release will be coming on-time or not. Any help with ideas is
welcome. The goal is to find a way to do this that is portable between
window managers and application software, and does _not_ interefere with the
operation of things like drag-and-drop and so forth.

Optionally, you (the community) could decide that this is not a killer
feature, and the release will go forward as otherwise planned. But I won't
do that without some form of consensus.

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