Comment 5 for bug 356516

Michael B. Trausch (mtrausch) wrote :

Let's move the KDE-related discussion on this bug over to bug 357469, which I have opened for KDE 3.x and 4.x issues in the new line of development for AllTray. As an aside, r39 of lp:alltray will fix Firefox under KDE (at least KDE 4.x), but it doesn't work with KDE applications; they are doing something strange and so AllTray doesn't yet know how to pick them up. Also, there seems to be an issue with KDE and some other window managers wherein the docked and hidden application shows up in the task switcher, but that is likely to just need a simple fix somewhere so that the window isn't eligible for view that way. Going to have to go over the specifications documents yet again and see what I can find.