Comment 4 for bug 356516

On Tue, 07 Apr 2009 21:35:11 -0000
mehmet nur olcay <email address hidden> wrote:

> ALLTRAY_DEBUG=ALL alltray -D firefox is opening a new firefox but no
> icon at system tray.
> Just tried with kcalc:
> `--> ALLTRAY_DEBUG=ALL alltray -D
> kcalc [2009-04-08 00:29:53 EEST] INFO/MISC: Debugging subsystem setup
> complete. [2009-04-08 00:29:53 EEST] INFO/CL: Command line options
> parsed. [2009-04-08 00:29:53 EEST] INFO/MISC: Set WNCK Client Type to
> PAGER [2009-04-08 00:29:53 EEST] INFO/PROCESS: Child process 27997
> (kcalc) now running. [2009-04-08 00:29:53 EEST] INFO/PROCESS: No App
> yet. Waiting for one. [2009-04-08 00:29:53 EEST] INFO/TRAY: Created
> tray icon for PID 27997 [2009-04-08 00:29:53 EEST] INFO/PROCESS: Got
> the
> app.
> Until here: application is started up with just a blank icon in the
> system tray. Tried with another app and no app-specific icon in system
> tray, just a blank icon.

Which application was that? The icon used in the system tray is the
icon set by the application for its window; if the application doesn't
set an icon, we don't get one. At least for now. If this turns out to
be a really popular phenomenon than we can try to get an icon a
different way.

> With a mouse hover it shows name. When try to
> minimize application, it goes to on taskbar not system tray. And close
> button results :
> (alltray:27996): Gtk-CRITICAL **: gtk_status_icon_set_visible:
> assertion `GTK_IS_STATUS_ICON (status_icon)' failed [2009-04-08
> 00:30:10 EEST] INFO/PROCESS: Child process 27997 (kcalc) died.
> [2009-04-08 00:30:10 EEST] INFO/PROCESS: Cleaning up for child...
> [2009-04-08 00:30:10 EEST] INFO/PROCESS: No more children. Dying.

Correct. Clicking the close button to hide the window isn't yet
implemented (this is in the notes on below the download
links). Clicking on the tray icon, though, does that work for your

Also, you _may_ want (if you are able) to see if the changes in trunk
fix your problem; I currently am using r39 of lp:alltray (if you pull
with bzr) on GNOME and it works well, though I'm not to the point of
actually making an 0.7.3dev release yet; I'll be doing that as soon as
I can get what used to be called click-mode working.

I don't have a KDE install, though I will try to get one in a VM here
this evening so that I can try to better see what is going on. You
said that this was KDE 4.2.1, is that on (K)Ubuntu Jaunty?

 --- Mike