Comment 1 for bug 286577

On Mon, 20 Oct 2008 19:38:18 -0000
cristinel mazarine <email address hidden> wrote:

> Public bug reported:
> Binary package hint: alltray
> Steps:
> 1. Create a button icon and assign the command: "alltray -na -s -l
> thunderbird -i thunderbird %u" 2. Click on button and wait until
> thunderbird is visible. 3. Close thunderbird from "close" button (to
> minimize to tray) - this is ok, as expected. 4. Restart kubuntu
> 5. Log in and:
> 5.1. check that thunderbird is not visible (as window in desktop or
> as icon into tray) - this is not ok, expected icon in tray
> 5.2. check that thunderbird process is started 5.3. start again
> thunderbird from the button icon created at step 1. 5.4. repeat the
> step 3 (close from "close" button) and check the tray - thunderbird
> is not there (this is not ok) 5.5. check the processes and see that
> thunderbird process is not running.

I don't understand the bug. Upon restart, why is Thunderbird running?
Do you have some sort of session-save preference enabled in KDE?

If that is the case, I am going to guess that this is because
Thunderbird registers something with KDE and AllTray does not. I can
attempt to see if this is a cross-desktop issue a bit later when I have
some time.

Since Thunderbird is already running as per 5.2, when you execute 5.3,
strange things will happen if Thunderbird detects it's already
running. It won't create a new window, so AllTray will have nothing to
hook into, this is unavoidable. I don't understand how 5.3 and 5.4
lead to 5.5 (Thunderbird not running).

I would suspect that if you put the command "alltray -na -s -l
thunderbird -i thunderbird" in your startup items (on GNOME, at least,
this is System→Preferences→Sessions in the "Startup Programs" tab), it
will work as you expect. Can you confirm that, if there is such an
equivalent in KDE?

 --- Mike

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