Comment 17 for bug 370173

Heat issues partially solved on 2 laptops both have Intel 965 chips

gateway 6860 fx w/ 9.04 64bit

acer extensa 5620-6830 w/ 9.04 64bit

both have custom DSDT files w/ 0,0,0 problems reported in iasl

both use acpi_osi="Linux" permanently added to /boot/grub/menu.list

both have been taken down to motherboard for cleaning and re-assembled

6860 video is nvidia 185.18.10

5620 video is integrated 965

Same slow fan issue on both systems, the fans NEVER STEP HIGHER THAN 66%

I can reboot the 6860 from JJ64 with sensors reading 78C on 8800m video with fan barely blowing boot into vista 64 ultmt where the fan immediately comes on and stays on for 5-6 minutes then slows down to JJ64 like speeds, I reboot into JJ64 and within 1/2 hour the temps are back up.

Keep in mind that ntune doesnt support fans on the 8800M so I cant change it in windows either but the fan does spin up to full speed and in JJ64 it never does.

The 5620 fans never seem to get above idle-33% ever for any reason (I just shut it down @ 65C. In my mind no hardware that isnt abused due to neglect or environment should see 75C ).

I'm happy to submit any info for either system that will be helpful.