Comment 37 for bug 1512002

Currently, data/ specifies that a user must be active in order to set his own data.

X2go, LTSP etc users are considered remote, i.e. inactive, and they are not allowed to change their own user data without authentication.
This results in a different behaviour when they e.g. try to change their language in the `gnome-control-center user-accounts`.

Furthermore, in some distributions it has been observed that change-own-user-data authentication dialogs popup when changing VTs or when switching users or sometimes even with just gnome-screensaver, possibly because the distribution is trying to update the user data (e.g. to notify the UI that he has new mails) when the user's vt was not active.

Therefore I'd like to ask you to consider setting <allow_inactive>yes</allow_inactive> for change-own-user-data.

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