Comment 4 for bug 1304798

David Barth (dbarth) wrote :

Our central Facebook API key has been revoked.

The impact is that Ubuntu users cannot use the Facebook integration anymore, ie post messages or photos from applications using our central key: Empathy, the Photo scope, the Friends app and Shotwell to a lesser extent.

All releases (14.04, 12.10+) are impacted.

Users can still use Facebook normally in the browser. The Facebook webapp is not affected either.

Here is the plan we have defined and are executing right now:

 * IS to register new API keys [DONE]
 * Alberto is reviewing the registration process to assist IS during this [DONE]
 * Alberto to MP a branch with the new keys in account-plugin-facebook [DONE]
 * Silo landing and upload to 14.04 asap [INPROGRESS]
 * Backport of the new key to supported releases as an SRU [TODO]